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Named after a song by fellow metalcore band Architects, Northlane took shape in 2009 in the members' native Australia. Formed in the Greater Western Sydney suburb Blacktown, Northlane played throughout the country in their early years, earning a reputation as a tireless live act. Northanle recorded a debut EP in 2010, and have since notched four impressive studio albums that showcase their instrumental and lyrical prowess. Jackson-wielding guitarist Josh Smith is one of two original remaining members of the quintet.



Guitar influences/Hero’s:

Jeff Hanneman, Dimebag Darrell

1st Jackson guitar:

A silver USA B7 Baritone, I still tour it but I dipped it in a black and white swirl

Hobbies or interests outside music:

I run a music store and love coffee & cooking


2016 album Node topped the ARIA chart (Australia’s main music sales chart) and won the ARIA Award for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album.

The Critics Say:

“On Mesmer Northlane offer a graphic meta-personal narrative couched in relentless machine-precise heaviness. Their full range is on display: dark electronic tinges offset sepulchral and soaring vocals and algorithmic riffage on “Savage”, the brazen thunder spiral of “Intuition” and the shimmeringly melodic “Fade” show impressive growth. Few bands combine razor-sharp proficiency with spine-shaking heaviness and a generalised, amorphous disaffection the way Northlane do, infusing darkness, despair and (eventual) hope into an exultant musical catharsis.” – Rolling Stone’s Jaymz Clements

I got sent my first Jackson when I broke a neck on another guitar while on tour on the other side of the world. I was on tour with another endorsee and fell in love with his soloist. I hit up Jackson because I had nothing to play and two days later I was in the bloodline.

My Jacksons are the most stable, no frills, hard wearing & road worthy guitars I’ve found. They’ve done laps around the world and never once let me down. I store some in europe, a while back I pulled one out of the vault it had been in for 9 months and it was still perfectly in tune. On top of that I feel at home in the limitless custom shop.


USA Select B7 Deluxe
USA Select B7 Deluxe

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